Simple Greenhouse

Simple Greenhouse

Simple Greenhouse

Why You Should Build A Simple Greenhouse


It’s that time of year when gardeners are looking forward to planting seeds and moving beautiful flowering plants into their gardens. I too am busy planting my fall/winter flowering garden. Today, more and more people areique about gardening and they are finding that the warm weather has made planting easily and productive even on a very small scale.


I too, am looking forward to the warmer weather that fall/winter brings. I’m thinking about how great it will be to do some experimenting with the cherry tomatoes I’ll be growing this fall/winter. We’ll see how it goes this fall!


It is also important to think about what you will do with your garden during the fall/winter. I already mentioned the tomato garden but what else?


I’ve had more ideas about my fall/winter garden than I care to share. One idea is to start seed trays. I know that sounds a bit odd but believe me it is the simplest way to get guaranteed germination of your indoor seedlings. Also, the stems of trays make excellent stakes. Just pound them into the ground gently so they break and then replace the soil. I use these square T shaped trays but any tray shaped container will work. Also, you can bury the trays deep in the soil and then cover the tray with some black plastic, nylon or whatever makes covering the soil or your trays a bit easier.

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Another idea is to sow the seed in large scale multi-layered trays. things like peat trays are fine for certain crops but for others I find that buying trays of different sizes works just as well. With the black plastic covering, the soil stays moist so you don’t need to water as much.


What I have done with my own garden is used the 3 removable trays I mentioned earlier for several different garden uses. I use them to make seed starting trays. I first sow individual plants in the trays and then cover them with soil. I use clear plastic covering so it is easy to see the growth of the seedlings. Iants are fine, however, I tend to tie the boards to the peat trays to keep the soil from falling out when watering the plants.


Another use for the trays is to have something to cover theAsparagus Fern Leafcuttings. They are very fussy and sometimes they grow so large that they need something special when grown in a covered area. This is where the trays really come in handy. It is a very early season plant and needs something special to induce it to continue growing. I use the trays for the above situations. Simple GreenhouseSimple GreenhouseSimple GreenhouseSimple GreenhouseSimple GreenhouseSimple GreenhouseSimple Greenhouse


Finally, I use the trays inside my garage for the cuttings I take from my garden. I cover them with plastic and use the metal rack to hold them up. I have a small garage space and the cuttings really need the light to be able to develop. I do water them occasionally to keep the soil moist but not saturated. I will eventually get a better understanding why I have these persistent ferns.


Incidentally, seeing as I have a garage the garage also has a very large plastic dustbin, which is where I put the pots and other things needed for the garden as well as some kitchen waste. These were all put into the plastic dustbin. I was hoping to use the dustbin for something useful but I have using plastic bins in the past so I was not too concerned really.


I finally decided to use the tidy container for potting up the remaining plants that remain in my larger pots. I have several large pots that are probably five feet across now but when they grow they will be much larger. I will be relocating them to the largest pot in the garage. I have a small coke bottle sized container to relocate these pots.


Now days, I am a very frugal man so I have to find some more things to benefit me. The middle of the summer is upon me so there are still things I can benefit from as well. My lawn mower is not working as I thought I would last for another winter but I will be getting a new gas mower next year.


I have decided to continue my foray into Gardening. I have made some good progress so far and have learned quite a bit. It is a hobby that will grow in popularity as the years go on. I am also looking forward to ordering my seeds next year.

Simple Greenhouse